Supplier Membership for Fleets Under 250 Vehicles
Category: SM1

For organisations with a relatively small fleet of under 250 vehicles.

This membership includes benefits for 1 individual.

SM1 - Australia $2275 (incl. GST) - Sign Up

SM1 - International $2069 (ex. GST) - Sign Up

Supplier Membership for Fleets Between 251 and 500 Vehicles
Category: SM2

For organisations with a moderately sized fleet.

This membership includes benefits for 2 individuals.

SM2 - Australia $1215 (incl. GST) - Sign Up

SM2 - International $1105 (ex. GST) - Sign Up

Additional Individual Membership -Supplier
Category: SM3

This membership is only for individuals who work for an organisation that has a Corporate Membership, but have used their available contacts and wish to add more.

This membership is subject to approval before access to the Member's Area is given..

SM3 - Australia $389 (incl. GST) - Sign Up

SM3 - International $355 (ex. GST) - Sign Up

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